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Our Concierge Team with an authentic desire to serve each and every individual guest

A la Carte Breakfast

A delicious breakfast is served every day in the privacy of your own terrace. This is what Alta Vista Suites accommodation is all about. Feel the morning breeze and plan your day, while tasting some of the best dishes.


This extravaganza consists of a choice of fruits, yogurts, cereal and breads, hot plates and cold cuts, eggs cooked in several ways, pastries and drinks.


Enjoy a glorious a la carte breakfast that will awake your senses!

Honeymoon & Romance

At Alta Vista Honeymoon Suites we reserve our best for our newlyweds and we promise you everything you dreamt of for your honeymoon: romantic atmosphere, pampering and sufficient harmony! To add value and allure to your precious Honeymoon or turn your vow renewals and anniversaries into magical romantic experiences, choose among our different packages and live your dream to the fullest.

Massage Treatments

Soothe your mind, body and soul with unparalleled massage therapies, available on request. Our experienced therapists, will remove the knots from your neck with a selection of massages and will put a spring in your step with relaxing therapies. Enjoy treats from full body massages to moisturizing wraps and allow Santorini to melt your stress away.

Swim with Caldera View

The cliff side infinity swimming pool of the Alta Vista Honeymoon suites is dripping with scenery and offers the most breathtaking sea and Caldera view. Feel like you are about to swim off the edge of the complex and daydream the day away.


Relax by our landscaped pool area surrounded by a big palm tree, an old olive tree and a big yucca, while watching the sunset.