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Art & Culture

Santorini is an island with a great history that is wonderfully exhibited in its museums and archaeological sites. You must not miss out on the following:

Akrotiri Excavations:

Located at the southern end of Santorini, the ancient excavation site of Akrotiri is a must-see as it is the best preserved of all the prehistoric settlements discovered in the Aegean. Archaeologists have unearthed a major prehistoric town buried by a volcanic eruption where they discovered multi-storey houses decorated with wonderful frescoes featuring a great collection of ceramics and other findings, linking this site to the contemporaneous civilisations of Crete, Greece, Anatolia, Cyprus, the Levant and Egypt.

Ancient Thera:

The second important period in the history of Santorini is linked to the city of Ancient Thera; this unique location on the top of Messa Vouno Mountain, between Kamari and Persia offers sweeping views of the South-eastern Aegean from a height of 369 metres. Excavations have brought the ruins of a town to light, which bore evidence of settlement as early as the 9th century BC.

Museum of Pre-historic Thera, Fyra:

The most exciting holding of this new museum is the collection of wall paintings from ancient Akrotiri, which were recently returned to Santorini from their previous home at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. Two of these are currently on display, along with many findings from Akrotiri and objects imported from Crete and the North-eastern Aegean Islands.

Santozeum – The wall paintings of Akrotiri, Fyra:

This exhibition features copies of the wall paintings from ancient Akrotiri, created using a sophisticated technique of three-dimensional photographic reproduction that closely approximates the originals. Housed within a recently refurbished residence by Greek architect Constantinos Decavallas, this museum is an exhibit space that unites family heritage and involvement in the artistic traditions of the island, with a vision to create a cultural movement that exposes artists to the island and commissions new works inspired by Santorini.

Art Hotel – The ‘TOPOS’ Interior Art Gallery:

Art Hotel boasts a modern Interior Art Gallery, where the finest exhibits can be found. Each season a different artist is hosted and you can admire masterpieces of contemporary Art, as well as take part in special events related to Art, concerts and talks. Elegance is celebrated in the most magnificent manner at our Interior Art Gallery. If you wish to spend your holidays in style and please your senses through the display of artworks of unique beauty, Art Hotel is the ultimate destination for you in Santorini. Art lovers should look no further!